Boredom? What´s that…

Wo love the spend time with our guests!

With a varied program, we try to provide for entertainment and unforgettable holidays. Fun and exciting hours , there is something for all age groups, the sporty and also those, who want to rest and relax.

  • Walking tours
  • Competitions in curling
  • Workshops in pottery and bread making
  • Nodic walking
  • Visits at our stable
  • Fit for kids
  • Childrens animation
  • Fit for Kids
  • Pony riding
  • Excursions with our children´s train, the “Sporthotel Express”

A holiday in the National Park Hohe Tauern is the best choice for you. Numerous activities and excursion destinations and the varied, weekly programs and events in all seasons, ensure a lot of variety. In summer, Embach is characterized by unlimited hiking and biking pleasure. Small and big challenges in the picturesque nature of the Tauern, create unforgettable memories. When the winter puts it´s white dress over the country, Embach becomes the home of cross-country skiers and snowshoe hikers in the province of Salzburg. With a small ski resort on the spot as well, as close proximity to the largest winter sport regions of the federal state is provided for unrestricted slopes.

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