New at the Embacher Sporthotel

-Fairy-tale innovations-

We're overflowing with ideas! And we don't hesitate to put them into practice. When we have finished one project, we dream of the next one.

Everything for our guests!

  • In 2015 it started with an idea. This turned into a project, that was close to our hearts and that is why we didn’t hesitate and implemented it promptly. The rabbit hotel was built in our garden. The guests are four-legged friends and the carers, our children in the hotel.
  • 2016 our old elevator has given way to a new one. Equipped with the latest technology and security.
  • In 2017 we completely renovated our dining room and our guests have spent many fun and sociable hours in it since then.
  • 2018 a spacious area for our buffet was created from our second dining room. The cozy Birkenstüberl also found its place there.
    A special atmosphere was created here with local natural materials and wood.
  • We started 2019 with a matter close to our hearts. A security concept is being implemented step by step. In the event of a fire, the latest technology and a computer system are used to trigger an early alarm. Also in the future we will stay up to date here so that the safety of our guests and employees is guaranteed.
  • 2019 our indoor swimming pool was demolished in heavy snowstorms and a new building was erected. The place for our new pool including modern technology and large panorama windows was created. Lots of light wood creates a cozy atmosphere here.
  • 2019 was also the year in which we gave the Embacher Sporthotel a new hairstyle. There was a new roof .
  • In 2020 our house received a complete beauty treatment. Our facade, including windows and balconies, was renewed. The ecologically valuable and sustainable insulation was also taken into account.
  • 2021 will probably be remembered forever. Corona forced us to close for a longer period of time. However, we didn't want to put our hands on our laps and used the break for a complete redesign of our cellar . Looking forward to a new start soon, we worked with a lot of positive energy on this project.
    A new wellness area with relaxation room, a fitness room, two play rooms, a ski cellar and new toilets will surprise our guests at the reopening. < / strong>

We hope we can continue to work with full motivation and health in order to implement future projects.