Vacation with your dog

Holidays with your dog

-5 stars for 4 paws -

Holidays with your dog in the Embacher Sporthotel

Real friends are hard to find - true friendships are rare!

And sometimes these friends don't have two legs, but four paws.

They accompany us every day, are loyal and make us laugh, brighten up our life.
On vacation we shouldn't have to miss our companion, they should be by our side for the happiest time of the year and explore the world with us. Enjoy the nature around Embach, take new sniffing routes, and meet one or two playmates. Everywhere in Embach you will find stations with dog bags.

During the more frequented meal times, we ask you to let your dog relax in the room. For this, there is a welcome bag with delicacies and a dog bowl , as well as a wellness blanket for your four-legged friend.